EXHIBITION: Imagine if…


‘Imagine if’, two words that have provided the impetus for amazing feats of personal achievement, inspired life-changing scientific breakthroughs and unlocked creative genius in so many forms. They have been the starting point for countless children’s games since play became an integral part of childhood. They wipe away self-doubt and show only a world of possibilities. We are enriched when our imagination is sparked and when we open our minds and emotions to the creative imaginings of others.

‘Imagine if…’, the forthcoming exhibition jointly presented by the National Centre of Australian Children’s Literature and The Children’s Book Council of Australia, offers visitors just such an experience. It will take them on a personal journey inspired by the imaginings of the creators of never-before-exhibited CBCA Book Week artwork. This artwork was created by winners of the Picture Book of the Year Award to promote subsequent year’s Book Week celebrations and reflect the Book Week slogan for that year.

Nineteen of Australia’s most esteemed children’s book illustrators are represented in the exhibition which will feature approximately 40 pieces of artwork. A variety of media including pen and ink, watercolour, chalk, coloured pencil, lino print, acquarelle crayons, gouache, charcoal, pastel and collage with tissue paper will deepen visitors’ journeys of imagination. Treasures from the Centre’s own collection will extend the ‘imagine if…’ theme.

Creators on exhibit are Kerry Argent, Graeme Base, Freya Blackwood, Ron Brooks, Neil Curtis, Kylie Dunstan, Vivienne Goodman, Peter Gouldthorpe, Bob Graham, Brian Harrison-Lever, Elizabeth Honey, Patricia Mullins, Narelle Oliver, Matt Ottley, Gregory Rogers, Shaun Tan and Jane Tanner.

Expanding the theme is the delightful piece of original artwork by Bob Graham above, created especially for the exhibition. It will appear on all promotional material and is being raffled to defray the costs of the exhibition. ‘Imagine if you are the winner…..

Find information about the exhibition and buy tickets for the raffle, regardless of where you live, on the National Centre of Australian Children’s Literature website.


Imagine If… 
10 July – 30 August 2017
Clive Price Suite, Building 1, University of Canberra
Monday – Friday 10.00am – 2.00pm


Article by Trish Milne

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