Bob Goes Pop


Marion Deuchars, Bob Goes Pop, Laurence King Publishing, March 2020, 36 pp.,, RRP $24.99 (hbk), ISBN  978178627498 

The popular new sculptor in town, Roy, uses everyday objects such as cheeseburgers and lollipops as his inspiration. Bob is missing the usual attention his paintings receive so he tries to outdo him with his own unsuccessful sculptures using apple cores and bananas. Creeping into Roy’s studio one night, Bob copies a huge green dog made of balloons. When both their green dogs burst, they decide to join forces to make another one, with Roy creating the dog and Bob painting him in vivid colours. Success and a new friendship. The book is designed in comic style with the text in cursive script of various sizes and lots of colourful simple illustrations. The two green dogs are presented as a foldout.  Ages 4-7. 

Reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas 

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