Jack; Michael; Ned; Sean


jack and michael

WILSON, Tony Jack 90pp ISBN 9780143308225 SCIS 1671166

GWYNNE, Phillip Michael 88pp ISBN 9780143308102 SCIS 1674429

DADDO, Andrew Ned 91pp ISBN 9780143308096 SCIS 1674363

KOSTAKIS, Will Sean 91pp ISBN 9780143308119 SCIS 1673796 Puffin (Stuff Happens), 2014 $9.99 pbk

This is a great series written especially for boys.  Each book relates difficulties encountered by a Year 5 boy: attending a new school, having a teacher he does not like, breaking school rules, and disappointing his parents.  Lest that all sounds too tedious, the books are full of humour and situations that schoolboys will immediately recognise.  The stories, and all the characters whether they be boys, teachers or parents are well drawn and convincing, as is the dialogue.  Written by four different authors, it is very encouraging to have a series of such even quality.  There are 10 chapters in each book, no illustrations, and a good size type and line spacing.  Extremely good value.  Ages 7-10.

reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas

ned and sean

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