Alexandra Rose and her Icy-Cold Toes


Monique Mulligan (text) and Kat Fox (illustrator), Alexandra Rose and her Icy-Cold ToesSerenity Press, May 2020, 32 pp., RRP $14.99 (pbk), ISBN 9780648788720 

Children and parents alike can identify with the dreaded icy cold toes syndrome. Children are the culprits, parents the victims. This makes this rather silly little story relatable for young readers, preschool aged especially. It also sends a call to arms, so parents be warned; icy toes may be about to strike! 

Monique Mulligan, author, is one of the authors from Serenity Press’s children’s imprint, Serenity Kids, which is a small, independent publishing company. Mulligan’s previous titles for children include My Silly Mum

Whilst the target age group may be small, there is certainly an audience for a tale of mischief at the hands of Alexandra-Rose, a character not dissimilar to Little Princess which readers of this group may enjoy. Illustrations by Kat Fox are not overly detailed, but colourful and relate to the story told on each page.  

Reviewed by Belinda Raposo

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