BONGERS, Christine Intruder Woolshed Press, 2014 328pp $18.99 pbk ISBN 9780857983763 SCIS 1658498

This is a beautifully written, well paced book with a strong storyline and complex, well rounded characters.  Kat has led a difficult life and when an intruder breaks into her home it suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated.  For her protection, her Dad insists she either sleeps next door, with the neighbour that she believes betrayed her mother, or she accepts a guard dog to stay with her, even though she is terrified by dogs.  Hercules, the ugliest dog ever, becomes her companion and her need to exercise him adds wonderful new dimensions to her life.

While the shadow of the prowler haunts her and what little stability there is in her family life, she ultimately discovers a lot about herself and all the others in her life who are not necessarily the way she thought they were.  An interesting book with lots of twists and turns in the plot that propel the reader gently forward, anxious to know about all the secrets embedded within this little family.  Suitable for readers 13+.

reviewed by Sue Clancy

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