His Royal Tinyness


Sally Lloyd-Jones (text),  David Roberts (illus.), His Royal Tinyness, Walker Books Australia,  1 Sept 2017, 48pp., $24.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9781406324662

This book was an instant hit with me and my boys. I’m not sure what captured us first; the humorous use of language as we were taken back to the “one horrible, NO GOOD day, when a new ruler was born…” or the quirky characters represented in retro inspired outfits and surrounds – but we loved it!

Sally Lloyd-Jones narrates the princess’ story as her life and home are rudely interrupted by the arrival of her new baby brother. Lloyd-Jones’ creative use of language comically shares the cold hard truth of a newborn in the house; right down to the burps, poo, sleeplessness and endless gooing and gahhing (all of which are all too familiar to us).

David Roberts’ illustrations use the Princess’ drawings as a juxtaposition of the new experiences of life with King Baby. The use of recurring elements like the wicker peacock chair and the floor rugs illustrate a sense of symbolic repetition; which represent a casual and relaxed mood for this royal story.

With familiar fairytale elements; sometimes with a twist, it was a delight to share in the princess’ adjustment to her new role of big sister; which turns out to be not so bad after all, and allows her to live happily ever after.

Reviewed by Raquel Mayman

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