Ellie’s Dragon


Bob Graham, Ellie’s Dragon, Walker Books Australia, June 2020, 40 pp., RRP $27.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781406387629

Little Ellie has a new imaginary friend – a dragon called Scratch. She cares for Scratch and he goes with her everywhere, including to preschool, where her friends can see him, but adults cannot. When she goes to school, she’s so excited, she forgets to take Scratch. As she grows, Scratch is there for her when she needs him, but she begins to need him less and less, until eventually, he is just a faded memory.  

In Bob Graham’s recognisable whimsical style, the illustrations provide plenty for young children to explore with details of the dragon to spot. This is a beautiful and poignant celebration of imaginary friends and the comfort they can provide through childhood.  

Reviewed by Pamela Ueckerman 

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