Dog Zombies Rule (For Now) (Tom Gates #11)


Liz Pichon,  Dog Zombies Rule (For Now) (Tom Gates #11),  Scholastic Australia,  1 Nov 2016, 240pp.,  $16.99 (pbk),  ISBN: 9781743812563

Dog Zombies Rule (For Now) is the 11th book in the very popular and award winning Tom Gates series about a fun loving, creative boy. He loves drawing, doodling, playing in the Dog Zombies band with his friends, riling his grumpy sister and eating snacks.  What he doesn’t like is maths, homework, spelling tests and his classmate Marcus’s put downs.

Similarly to previous books in the series, this one is filled with humorous accounts of Tom’s mischievous antics and his mishaps, interspersed with gimmicky text, calligrams, cartoon drawings and doodles.

The main storyline in this book relays the Dog Zombies’ plans to promote their band by producing a homemade video. The video doesn’t actually materialise due to a mishap and some distractions (being pancakes). So the band members are very confused when they discover that a video of their signature tune has mysteriously been posted online.  While all this is happening Tom is suffering due to his enthusiastic over caring for one of Mark’s pets. The pet minding hasn’t turn out as he had hoped.  He also manages to get himself into trouble at lunch at Aunty Alice and Uncle Kevin’s house.

I love how Pichon brings out the humour in everyday events at school, home and with friends, without having to resort to slapstick or toilet humour.

It’s not hard to see why kids (aged about 7-11) love Tom Gates books; they are like a cheerful romp through the travails and larks of a likeable character to whom kids can relate.

Reviewed by Barbara Swartz


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