Charlie’s Adventures… in South Africa


Jacqueline De Rose-Ahern (text), Sophie Norsa (illustrator), Charlie’s Adventures… in South Africa, Little Steps Publishing, July 2018, $24.99 (hbk), ISBN: 9781925545838

This book is the second of Charlie’s documented adventures. First he went to Hawaii and now he’s off to South Africa.

When arriving at the airport, Charlie and his family are greeted by friends who entrust him with a treasure hunt, complete with a map.

Throughout his journey Charlie experiences the magical sights and individual aspects which make South Africa; all while solving the clues to the treasure hunt along the way.

The colourful pages of this book captures its readers attention, transporting them to another culture and introducing them to the people, places, animals, language and colours of South Africa.

The illustrations by Sophie Norsa are complimentary to Charlie’s adventure; being full of colour, movement and adventure.

Once Charlie’s adventure is complete and the treasure is found, he is on his way home to Australia, but is already dreaming of his next adventure. This story is an inviting way for children to explore the world and its diversity while also instilling a sense of wonder and adventure.

A pleasant surprise was the pocket at the end of the story containing a postcard and sticker to record or represent Charlie’s travels across the world – an inclusion which I know would appeal to many young audiences.

Where will Charlie go next? I look forward to finding out!

Reviewed by Raquel Mayman

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