This Book Isn’t Safe!


Colin Furze,  This Book Isn’t Safe!, Puffin, 30 Oct 2017, 192pp., $29.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9780141386959

This informational book will suit kids who love making and inventing weird things, and those with an interest in watching YouTube. It’s packed with a multitude of miscellaneous facts about Colin Furze, inventor and YouTube vlogging sensation (he has almost 6 million YouTube subscribers). This book has all you ever wanted to know about Mr. Furze – and, quite possibly a great many things you didn’t – including his favourite food, how many Guinness World Records he holds, when he last farted in public…you get the idea.

There’s also “secret” stuff, sections for the reader to fill in, information about Furze’s past inventions (available to view on YouTube), how he manages to film and build at the same time for his on-line channel, the set-up of his workshop, and even his former life as a plumber.

Above all, there are ten weird and wonderful building projects to try at home, dispersed throughout the book. They include the Auto Dart-blaster Firing System, Bike-wheel Fire Vortex, Mega Milk-bottle Raft and Self-wedgie System. Adult supervision is frequently required because, as the title states, This Book Isn’t Safe!

Importantly, thorough instructions are provided on how to correctly use the various building tools you will need. They include how to saw and drill wood and metal, screw in screws and tighten nuts.

Plenty of colour photos guide builders as they move step by step through the various projects. And, of course, there are copious photos of Mr. Furze revealing a smorgasbord of wacky facial expressions.

Readers who like to browse will enjoy ghost-writer Kevin Pettman’s short, punchy paragraphs and snappy fast-fact boxes. All have a random/crazy/gross humour permeating through them of the kind that appeals to fans of the Andy Griffiths books.

This book has plenty to amuse, inform and hopefully inspire young inventors and budding YouTubers. However, it would not suit children whose carers are not themselves building enthusiasts, or willing to supervise and assist with projects. Carers with safety concerns will need to make up their own minds.

Reviewed by Julie Murphy

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